Our background, vision & funding


We are visionaries

A decade ago, we believed in developing next-gen technologies to protect people's privacy and help businesses grow.


We are resilient

We started this endeavor on a shoestring with people around us, and we've bootstrapped it over a decade without venture capital


We are responsible

We are committed to meet legal, ethical, and economic responsibilities by ensuring that our technologies are aligned with fundamental values.

Our Vision and Principles

We believe in the potential of technologies aligned with people's choices and values. In our mission of giving people the power to connect and interact on their own terms, we are guided by the following four principles:

  • Protect people's privacy
  • Connect online communities
  • Strengthen democracy
  • Promote fair competition

Our Leadership

Jean Dobey

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Sylvain Roy

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Desrochers

Chief Technology Officer

Frederique Fenneteau

Chief Product Officer

Our Investors and Funding Partners

Over the last decade, we have heavily invested in our technologies with the support of governments, and angel & individual investors who believe in our mission and share our principles.

  • The Government of Canada
  • Angels & Individuals

The Government of Canada

The Government of Canada — one of the biggest proponents of online privacy — has supported our efforts through grants for scientific research and experimental development of our technologies.

  • $5.5 million

Angels & Individuals

As we foster diversity and inclusion in our organization, our shareholders also include angels and individuals investors from different cultures and backgrounds who share our vision and principles. We welcome the thoughts and ideas of these men and women, in the spirit of making better decisions to positively impact our digital societies and make the digital landscape a safer place to be.

  • $12 million